Plant Based Health Professionals UK

Plant-based health professionals UK Ltd is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of plant-based nutrition and other lifestyle interventions for optimal health and well-being. In addition, to practicing conventional medicine, we are passionate about promoting health and well-being through lifestyle interventions, including plant-based nutrition, physical exercise and stress management. There is no doubt that conventional medicine has resulted in some astonishing advances in patient care. However, the current model of healthcare in the UK focuses primarily on treating established disease, rather than emphasising interventions that could prevent or reduce the burden of disease. We hope to provide a valuable resource for the education of healthcare professionals and the general public alike in the field of lifestyle medicine, which is increasingly recognised as a speciality in its own right. The aim is to empower individuals to take control of their own health and share this information with patients, friends and their families. With all the confusion and mis-information present in the field of nutrition science, we as a medical community have a duty to provide evidence-based dietary recommendations to our patients and society as a whole.