Optimising A Plant-Based Diet: A Webinar With Dietitian Emma Strutt

Emma Strutt is a member of the Doctors For Nutrition advisory council, and their lead dietitian for Queensland. During this webinar, she discusses five simple steps for good health on a plant-based diet.

Want to discover how a whole food plant-based lifestyle can support a healthy weight, reduce risk of disease and optimise our wellbeing? If so, this is the webinar for you!

Emma is a registered dietitian and nutritionist, holds a Certificate in Plant-Based nutrition through eCornell University/ T Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies and is a qualified yoga teacher.

Having followed a plant-based diet for over a decade, Emma passionately advocates the benefits of plant-based nutrition through her private practice work, in addition to a wellbeing and education program she developed for members of her local community.

Emma is also a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

This webinar is hosted by Hannah O’Malley, a clinical pharmacist certified in plant-based nutrition and founder of The Better Base. Click play on the video below to watch now!

Source: https://thebetterbase.com/optimising-a-plant-based-diet-a-webinar-with-dietitian-emma-strutt/?fbclid=IwAR3Cxpxnw2yffAOssgSZW51F0xEwz0Jk2_PAryTmmCKPcroQZ7rDBqaBnNI

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