The New Normal – Dr Scott Stoll Leading with Love in Helping People Transition to a Plant-Based diet

What’s the best way to speak when helping people understand the benefits of a plant-based diet?

This week’s New Normal Project podcast guest, Dr Scott Stoll, has been thinking about this question for a long time. After representing the USA in the Olympic bobsled, Scott completed his medical specialist training in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, and then around 15 years ago found he did not have the answers to all of his patient’s health woes. He read widely and came to recognize that a plant-based diet, especially whole-foods plant-based nutrition, had an excellent scientific basis for improving human health. As his family, including his children, transitioned to this diet, he realized that his patients would likely benefit from this too.

What has followed is a radical transformation of both his medical practice and his family. His wife and 6 children, like Scott himself, are vibrantly healthy and thrive on this way of living. Since then Dr Stoll has become a leading light of the plant-based nutrition movement, being a co-founder of the Plantrician Project, an organization aiming to educate doctors and other healthcare practitioners about the benefits of plant-based nutrition. The Plantrician Project runs the annual International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, which is simply amazing for it’s quality of speakers and information.

Dr Stoll has spent a lot of time thinking about ways to influence both patients and healthcare practitioners, especially with regards to changing behavior, and therefore has many valuable insights to share in this episode. In this conversation we also covered:

  • What it feels like to be riding in an Olympic bodsled
  • The importance of exercise and sleep in supplementing a healthy diet
  • The story of the patient who prompted Scott’s plant-based transformation
  • The upsurge in elite athletes becoming plant-based
  • The immersion retreats he leads

Dr Stoll appeared at the excellent Nutrition in Healthcare Conference, run by Doctors For Nutrition, in Melbourne just last week. Thank you to Doctors For Nutrition for bringing him to Australia so that I could interview him.

I hope you enjoy and learn as you listen to Dr Scott Stoll.
Live well, feel well, do well.
Andrew Davies

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