Rob Ostfeld

Plant Proof: Preventing heart attacks & chronic disease with Cardiologist Dr Rob Ostfeld

If you are wanting to understand more about the types of foods you should be eating and others that you should be avoiding this is the perfect episode. As Dr Ostfeld walks you through the science around cardiovascular disease he offers a tonne of practical information and tips for choosing foods in your own lifestyle.

In this episode we delve into:

  • Where Dr Ostfeld grew up and what life was like including his diet
  • How he ended up specialising in Cardiology
  • When and why his own diet changed
  • His own experience with asthma
  • What medical training he has completed and how much nutrition her learned at University
  • How did he become interested in preventative medicine
  • How he treats his patients clinically
  • Saturated fat, cholesterol & damaged endothelial cells
  • What statins do (cholesterol medications)
  • How a blocked artery is fixed surgically with a stent (“Snow plow” analogy)
  • His recommendations for foods to eat more of and foods to eat less of and what science supports these recommendations
  • What supplements (if any) that he recommends to his patients
  • What happens if you replace animal protein in a diet to plant protein
  • How much change do his patients have to make to experience significant benefits
  • What the future of Medicine is looking like in the USA
  • His favourite places to eat in New York City

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