Michelle McMacken

Plant Proof: Clearing the confusion around saturated fat, cholesterol, paleo & keto with Dr Michelle McMacken

In Episode 37 I sit down for the second time with Dr Michelle McMacken (previous guest on Episode 2) to talk about where the science lies in terms of eating for longevity.

We talk about a plethora of fascinating topics including:

  • Michelle’s project with Bellevue Hospital which is now offering out-patients with chronic disease the option of participating in a plant based food program
  • Where the science lies in terms of saturated fat & cholesterol and their contributions to disease
  • The particular type of fat & cholesterol we need to be worried about when it comes to atherosclerosis (narrowing of our arteries) and cardiovascular disease
  • Sources of healthy fats
  • The Paleo & Keto diets and where the science sits in terms of these diets being helpful or harmful from a longevity & disease point of view
  • What Type 2 diabetes is and helpful nutritional information for managing and reversing this disease
  • and much much more

This is an absolute cracker of an episode, one of my favourites so far in terms of breaking down the science, clearing the confusion and helping us all understand what we should be eating more of and what we should be eating less of.  Grab a pen and paper…you’re going to want to take notes and more than likely listen 2-3 times!

To connect with Michelle you can find her on Instagram @veg_md – I strongly suggest following her page as she often posts really helpful information directly from the many lifestyle medicine conferences she attends and speaks at.

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