Dr Mark Craig

GP / Doctor, Auckland


Mark’s main passion in medicine is to help treat and lessen diseases caused by food and lifestyle issues. He is a General Practitioner Doctor and Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners of New Zealand, having trained in the UK in Surgery and then General Practice.

Mark was introduced to the startling evidence for a whole food plant based diet and benefits to health in 2012 and since then has promoted this as an essential way to address health issues. He utilises this in conjunction with standard pharmaceutical drugs and procedures where this is beneficial. He is open minded to alternative and novel therapies where there is good evidence to show benefit. He appreciates that most of the best treatments for our common medical conditions are not expensive, harmful, invasive or complicated.

A typical consultation involves hearing your medical history and finding out about your diet and other lifestyle factors, in order to recommend the best plan to address your condition. He will try to answer any questions you have so you understand the rationale for any treatment recommendations and are happy to proceed.