dr chloe corbett

Dr Chloe Corbett

Public Health Registrar, Tauranga

BBiomedSci, MbChB, DCH

Chloe is a Tauranga-based doctor who completed her medical training through the University of Auckland. She has since spent time working as a hospital doctor, and during this time completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Child Health through Otago University. After a period of time working in General Practice, she has found her passion in the field of Public Health, which applies a population-based approach to community health. She is now a public health registrar and completing a Masters of Public Health through the University of Auckland. She and her husband started living a plant-based lifestyle 2 years ago after she started a blog called “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” which examines evidence relating to diet and disease prevention. She was astounded to come across so much information about how a whole food, plant-based diet can not only prevent but also reverse many long term health conditions.