Benjamin Eitelberg - Coach

Benjamin Eitelberg

Coach, Auckland

Triathlon NZ Level 3 Accredited Coach

Using his personal journey and successes, Ben is an avid advocate for a wholefood plant-based lifestyle, not only as a means for athletes to improve their performance and recovery, but for health reasons in general.

Fitness Locker was established in 2011 as a source of coaching services for triathlon, evolving to include a wider range of endurance sports such as swimrun, XTERRA, ultramarathons, and MTB stage racing.

As a Triathlon NZ Level 3 accredited coach, Ben’s mission is to reach out to more athletes using a consultative-style of coaching that assists beginners whilst providing detailed attention to experienced athletes performing at world championship level.

Ben has always placed an emphasis on ‘real food’ nutrition and his personal journey to a completely wholefood plant-based approach has been an extremely favourable one. He continues to share this approach with his athletes and at the training camps, nutrition workshops, and kitchen coaching sessions he runs.