OMD Change the world by changing one meal a day

The science is clear. Eating plant-based is the healthiest diet on Earth. In Suzy’s book, OMD, you will discover more than 50 recipes, field-tested meal plans, kitchen tips, inspirational health makeover stories, and the nutritional and environmental science to support your shift. The book also includes inspiring personal stories on the impact that plant-based eating has had on even the unlikeliest of people (like Suzy’s barbeque-lovin’ brothers in Oklahoma!).

“My goal is to share how easy, fun, delicious, energizing, and gratifying plant-based eating can be. I want to help you gracefully handle the challenges of incorporating more plant-based meals into your life.”
— Suzy Amis Cameron, OMD

Source: https://omdfortheplanet.com/what-is-omd/the-book/

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